Wood Basket Balance Scale

Vintage Basket Scales, Front View

Unusual Libra or Justice Symbol

Perhaps One of a Kind, This is Definitely a Different and Artistic Rendering of the Classic Legal/Libra Symbol.

Original Enough to Arouse Curiosity and Admiration, This in Not Just Another "Pretty Scale" on the Block ...

It Actually Works!

The Plates are Fairly Level With Each Other, They do Swing Up and Down and the Golden Needle Points To the Center.
Add a Set of Optional Weights (Shown Below With the Scale) and It Can Be Used For Non-Precision Curiosity Weighing.

Wood Basket Scale With Weights, Base View

Of Course It Is Pretty Too!

Nice Addition to Any Collection and Superb Decorating
Item, This Vintage Justice Scale Will Fit-In Anywhere.

All Wood Parts

Vintage Basket Scale, Balance Beam

Except For the Brass Screws on the Golden Needle and
the Protective Glass Over the Inter-Weaved Front Panel,
All Visible Parts and Fittings are Made Of Wood.

Vintage Item With Minor "Age" Marks

Vintage Basket Scale, Rear View While The Overall Look is in Near-Mint Condition; All Very Clean With No Major Flaws, Close-Up Inspection May Show the True Age of This Well Kept But Old Beauty:

Minor Scratches, Discoloration Spots and Other Small Flaws May Be Present and Therefore to be Expected.      Above: Rear View.

If the Above Depressed You, Cheer-Up

Because What You Will Actually See Is:

Vintage Basket Scale With Weights, Top View
A Rare Original Beauty!
(Weights Sold Separately. See Link to Them Below)

We've Never Seen One Like This Before!

Dimensions and Specifications:

  • Scale:
    Approx. 19" Tall.
    Approx. 21" Wide (Outer Plate to Outer Plate).
    Balance Beam: Approx. 18" Wide.
    Approx. 5 1/4" Wide (At the Base).
    Approx. 7 1/4" Deep (At the Base).
    Padded Bottom to Protect Furniture.
  • Wood Baskets (plates):
    Approx. 6 3/4" Diameter on Top.
    Approx. 5" Diameter on Bottom.
    Approx. 3"High.
  • All Wood Parts Except:
    Glass Front Panel
    Golden Needle With Brass Screws.
  • Unknown Age.
    Looks Like a Mid-Century Vintage Item.
  • Unknown Country of Origin.
  • No Box.
  • Will be Packed Partially Unassembled for Safe Shipping.

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