Gun Powder

Gun Powder Scale. Front View


Made in the USA by HERTER'S of Minnesota

"Brand Old", No Parts Missing, In Perfect Working Condition, in Original Box and With Original Instructions, This Scale Looks and Performs Like a New Item ... But It is Circa 40 Years Old so It Cannot Be Called "Brand New"!

original Scale's Box It Looks Very Much Like Something That Someone Received as a Christmas Present (Many Christmases Ago). Opened It, Appreciated the Gift and Stored It Safely Away With the Intent of Later Use.
Scale's Instructions Fortunately "Intent" Doesn't Cause Wear and Tear! In Fact, The Only Parts That Show Its True Age are The Box
(The Marking: "OC0378" in the lower part of the box Should Indicate the Manufacturing Date) and the Instruction Booklet.

No Parts Missing

Unassembled Stabilized Scale

Everything Listed or Depicted in the Instructions Booklet is Present and All Clean and Shiny: The Balance Beam Has Both Slider Weights, The Rubber Caps are Still Under the Leveling Screws and the Built-In Level is Still Full of Fluid.

Accuracy Reading Index As Simplistic as It May Look, This Scale was Regarded "The Finest Gun Powder Scale in the World". It is Guaranteed by the Manufacturer to be Accurate to 1/10 of a Grain, With a Total Capacity of 325 Grains.

Of Course It May Not Compete in Accuracy With
Today's Digital Scales But It is a Functional Collector
Item That Will Look Great in Any Display Case.

Dimensions and Specifications:

  • SIZE:
    Approx. 10 3/4" Wide. (From Tail of Stabilizer to Outer Cup).
    Approx. 1 7/8" Deep.
    Approx. 4" Tall With Stabilizer Up.
    Balance Beam: Approx. 9 1/8" Long.
    Cup: 2 1/2" Diameter at the Rim.

  • Body: Sturdy Cast Iron Construction.
    Aluminum Cup.
    Various Metals, Rubber and Glass Used for Other Components.

  • Instructions Pamplet.
  • Fast Setup.
  • Vintage Item.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Original Box Included.

    Gun Powder Scale. Top and Rear View

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