Blind Lady Justice Decal

Lady Justice Decal

Symbolic Balance Scale Sticker

It Goes On Any Flat Surface ...
Elegant Wherever You Put It!

Dimensions and Specifications:

  • Size:
    4" High x 4" Wide (100mm x 100mm).
  • Material:
    USA Made Oracal 3.5 Mil Glossy White Vinyl.
    Sticks to Clean Surfaces Including:
    Bumpers, Glass, Metal, Smooth Wood, Plastic and More.
  • Plus:
    Easy to Remove.
    Leaves NO Sticky Residue!

    Suggested Application:

  • Wet: (Higly Recommended).
    Always Start With a Very Clean Surface.
    Wet Surface With Soapy Water
    (1 Drop of Dish Soap to 8 ounces of Water).
    Remove Backing and Apply Sticker to Wet Surface.
    Position and Smooth.
    Use Towel to Remove Excess Water.
    Air Dry for 30 Minutes.
  • Dry:
    Always Start With a Very Clean Surface.
    Remove Backing.
    Hold Sticker on Left and Right Sides.
    Bend Center Toward Clean Surface.
    Make Sure That Sticker is Horizontally Level.
    Apply Center First.
    Allow Sticker to Roll Left and Right.
    This Will Ensure a Wrinkle-Free Application.

  • Top Quality USA Made Product.

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