High Precision...
Balance Carat Scale

10 Carat Balance Scale - Ready for Weghing

Pocket Size Beauty...
in Classic Technology!

Portable, Elegant, Functional, Accurate to 0.01 Carat and Somewhat Decorative Too,
This Little Gem Scale Will Get the Job Done for Hundreds $$$ Less Than Other Units with Comparable Readability.

Provided With an Elegant Solid Wood Case/Stand, The Scale Can be Used FreeStanding or HandHeld. It's Lightweight, Portable, Easy to Set Up and Complete with Free Tweezers and All the Necessary Weights to Weigh
From 0.01ct to 10cts (2mg. to 2g.) in Increments of 0.01ct.

Also Available in 50ct (10g.) and 100ct (20g.) Versions.

Carat Scale - Closed Case It Closes to a Size That's Comparable to That Of a Pack of Cigarettes. In Fact, If You don't Smoke, You Can Easily Carry It In the ... Formerly Known as the "Cigarette Pocket" of Your Jacket. In the 50ct and 100ct Models the Boxes are Proportionately Larger as They Hold More Weights and Larger Plates.

As With All Balance Scales, Close Attention Must Be Given to the Slightest Movement of the Center Needle and Plates When Weighing Extremely Lightweight Objects.

Dimensions and Specifications:

  • Case: 10-Carat Model
    Approx. 3" Wide X 2" Deep X 1" Thick.
    One 5ct (1g.) Weight.
    Two 2ct Weights.
    One 1ct Weight.
    One 0.50ct Weight.
    One 0.25ct Weight.
    Two 0.10ct Weights.
    One 0.05ct Weight.
    Two 0.02ct Weights.
    One 0.01ct Weight.

  • Case: 50-Carat Model
    Approx. 4 1/4" Wide X 2 1/4" Deep X 1 3/8" Thick.
    Same as 10-Carat Model Plus
    One 25ct (5g.) Weight.
    Two 10ct (2g.) Weights.

  • Case: 100-Carat Model
    Approx. 2 1/2" Wide X 6 3/4" Deep X 5 3/8" Thick.
    (Tall and Slender, In This Model the Scales Hang
    from the Lid Instead of Rising from the Base).
    Same as 50-Carat Model Plus
    One 50ct (10g.) Weight.

  • One Lid for Decimal Weights Compartment.
  • One 2" Set of Stainless Steel Tweezers.
  • One Solid Wood Fitted Case with Latch.
  • All Weights are Marked in Gram and Carat Values.
  • Brand New Item.

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    10 carat (2g.) Balance Scale

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    Folded Balance Beam Scale - 10 carat Model

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